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Revolutionize your retail game with our on-demand delivery app! Say goodbye to commission worries – now retailers can offer lightning-fast same-day delivery without the cost burden. Beat the competition and get your products in consumers' hands quicker than ever. It's time to thrive, not just survive!

Ottlo's same-day delivery gives physical stores a competitive edge, offering a quick and efficient service that enhances the customer experience, comparable to online giants like Amazon. 

Same-Day Delivery Advantage

Protect your profits with Ottlo's commission-free model. Simply cover the delivery cost and a 10% service fee. You have the flexibility to absorb the cost or share it with your customers. 

Commission-Free Model

Ottlo's commitment to fair and transparent pricing guarantees customers pay actual in-store prices, eliminating concerns about inflated prices found on some online platforms and fostering trust among consumers. 

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Ottlo eliminates high integration costs seen with other delivery platforms. Simply download the app and start offering same-day delivery.

Technological Integration

Benefits for Retailers

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How it Works

Customers place orders on your eCommerce website or other means. 

Step 1

You submit order to the Ottlo platform. 

Step 2

Enter pickup and drop-off addresses in the Ottlo app. 

Step 3

Choose a nearby courier or one you have marked as a favorite. 

Step 4

Bag the order and get it ready for pickup. 

Step 5

Your chosen courier will arrive, and your customer will get their delivery same day. 

Step  6

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