Removing the Hassle in Delivery

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Welcome to the world of end-to-end goods and service delivery.
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Enable prime speed delivery at your leisure. Get the items delivered to you, by a local drivers you choose.


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Go Local

What's better than being able to support local while getting everything you need with our hassle free on-demand delivery? At Ottlo, we believe in providing the best service while supporting your local community. When you choose us, you also choose to work with local drivers, local retailers, small businesses. Support the economy right in your community by making more purchases directly from the people and places you already know and love. Ottlo makes it easy to get a new piece of furniture delivered to your doorstep, a product picked up from a local store or a tasty meal brought home from your favourite corner restaurant.

Sharing the wealth

At Ottlo our number one goal is to create a system where everyone is a winner. You need to know that Ottlo is in it for all the right reasons. We want to see you prosper and succeed, and more importantly, feel good about using our app. That’s why you will earn 2.5% cash back on every transaction.

Intrigued by the Ottlo Solution?

We unite everyone locally so we can get things moving, make sales and earn!