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Fast & Reliable Same Day Parcel Delivery

True North, True Savings! Elevate your shipping game with fair prices, hassle-free deliveries, and sweet cash back. Proudly Canadian, because convenience should come with a side of maple syrup.

Operate on your terms. Ottlo values flexibility. Whether you're an individual courier or a small to medium-sized courier company, our platform accommodates your unique needs.

Operate on your terms. Ottlo values flexibility. Whether you're an individual courier or a small to medium-sized courier company, our platform accommodates your unique needs.

Operate on your terms. Ottlo values flexibility. Whether you're an individual courier or a small to medium-sized courier company, our platform accommodates your unique needs.

Key Features

Reinventing the Online Marketplace

Ottlo is committed to empowering local communities by fostering connections between consumers, retailers, and couriers, creating a thriving ecosystem. Valuing transparency in pricing, ensuring that customers pay the actual in-store prices and local retailers can set fair prices without the burden of high commissions. Ottlo prioritizes supporting local businesses, enabling them to compete with larger online platforms and contributing to the overall vibrancy of Canadian communities. 

Same-Day Delivery, Eh!

By choosing Ottlo, a Canadian-owned platform, you ensure your hard-earned money stays in Canada, supporting local communities, rather than going to foreign-owned platforms. 

Support local Businesses

with Ottlo

More than a delivery app, it’s a movement connecting you to your favorite local retailers, contributing to the growth of our Canadian communities     

Homegrown Entrepreneurship

Ottlo not only connects customers to local retailers but also offers an opportunity for individuals to start their own courier business and thrive. 

  • Am I limited to delivering items only to myself?
    You have the option to request the delivery of an item from various sources such as retailers, another residence, Kijiji/Facebook, or any other marketplace, either for yourself or someone else. In the case of a retail order, you must pre-purchase the item from the retailer's ecommerce site or through alternative methods. Subsequently, upload your receipt to Ottlo, and we will manage the remainder of the process for you.
  • What’s the incentive to use Ottlo?
    Customers who place a delivery order on Ottlo will receive 2.5% cashback, which can be applied towards future deliveries.
  • Which regions does Ottlo currently serve?
    As we strive to broaden our service coverage, we currently extend our delivery services to the Greater Toronto Area. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the availability of our services in your specific area.
  • What are Ottlo’s operating hours?
    Ottlo provides delivery services every day of the week, operating from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • How does Ottlo compare to Purolator, Canada Post, UPS, or DoorDash?
    Certainly! Ottlo provides a more cost-effective solution compared to other services. With Ottlo, you can enjoy same-day on-demand delivery without incurring additional costs on items that may be cheaper in physical stores. It's important to note that you are only paying for the delivery service itself and not for inflated costs that retailers often pass on to consumers when using platforms like DoorDash.
  • Does Ottlo pick up items from my doorstep?
    Certainly! Simply initiate the order through our mobile platform and choose your preferred courier. They will then arrive at your doorstep to collect the item for delivery.
  • Who can use Ottlo?
    Ottlo is a versatile platform designed for use by customers, retailers, eCommerce businesses, sellers, and buyers within various marketplaces, including but not limited to Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Can I use Ottlo if I sell on Shopify and other online platforms?
    Certainly! Ottlo facilitates deliveries to your customers.
  • Who is eligible to partner as a courier with Ottlo?
    Whether you are an individual starting a courier service or an established company with a fleet, Ottlo is the right solution for you. Contact us to discover how we can empower your business.
  • What can I deliver using Ottlo?
    While we are actively simplifying the delivery process for all items, our current policy restricts the delivery of parcels to those weighing under 50 lbs. If an item can be enclosed in a box or managed by a single individual, it is eligible for delivery through our service. If you are uncertain about the eligibility of a particular item, please feel free to contact us for clarification.
  • What is the cost of delivery?
    Ottlo operates as an open marketplace, and delivery charges may differ among our various delivery partners. After selecting a courier partner through the platform, customers will be responsible for covering the delivery cost specified by the chosen courier, along with our standard 10% service fee. For retailers, it's worth noting that the cost for same-day delivery through Ottlo is likely to be comparable to or even lower than what they currently pay with services like Canada Post, UPS, or Purolator.

About Us

Ottlo is a Canadian-owned digital community facilitating same-day delivery by connecting consumers, local retailers, and professional couriers. Using technology, we address delivery challenges for local retailers, empowering them to compete with larger online platforms. The platform also fosters community connections, supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of Canadian communities. Ottlo takes pride in its Canadian identity, celebrating the diversity, values, and spirit of the nation. The platform is committed to keeping dollars within Canada and contributing to the economic growth of local communities. 

Contact Us

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Toronto, Canada


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