Ottlo for Users

Delivering Anything you Need.

Looking for a product to be delivered? Need a pick-up truck to pick up that new sofa you purchased? Want a meal from your favourite restaurant around the corner?

Think of Ottlo marketplace delivery as your digital delivery and courier solution for just about anything. It is your one-stop delivery solution that will get your things delivered to your door-step!

How it works!

One-stop delivery solution

At Ottlo, we will help you deliver whatever you want, whenever you want it. The armoire you just bought second-hand from Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji or Craig’s List. The new dishwasher from a big-box store.  Let us help you get things to your doorstep. Fast! 

Think of Ottlo as your personal, digital delivery assistant who you can call on for whatever it is you need today, tomorrow – whenever. We have the drivers to help quickly and efficiently every time.

Choose your own driver

Your deliveries are as important to us as it is to you. Select the driver you trust with your deliveries. Yes, we let you choose your favourites each time. You can also select the drivers based on pricing.

Support the Local Economy

Now more than ever before, supporting the incredible local businesses in your area is critical. Ottlo puts local goods and services at your fingertips. Through our app, it’s easy and convenient to purchase local.

Ottlo does not charge local businesses any commissions. In turn, it empowers you to help your local community by keeping you hard-earned money in the local ecosystem which will benefit the business, and families that rely on it.

Intrigued by the Ottlo Solution?

We unite everyone locally so we can get things moving, make sales and earn!